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Help boost your family's wellbeing with a personalised set of smart, little tips for you and your family type from Actimel. So why not take our short survey and get started today?

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  • 1 Step 1: Take the simple 3 - 4 minute survey to measure your family wellbeing and find out your family type.
  • 2 Step 2: Tell us about your family so we can provide your personalised set of helpful and imaginative little tips just for you.
  • 3 Step 3: Enjoy your small, smart, simple tips with your family, then come back for more ideas and re-measure your family wellbeing.
Family Types

My Family Type?
What does that mean?

Our experts have identified six family types. There’s no good or bad family type. All families are special. Simply put - most families lean towards one type more than the other. Which one of these family types do you think you're closest to? To find out, take our 3 - 4 minute survey.

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Family Wellbeing tip

Your personalised set of tips

After taking our survey, we’ll then share with you your personalised set of smart little tips that will help you towards boosting your family wellbeing. The tips we select for you will be based on the answers you give in the survey, and the ages of your children – making them personalised to your family.

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